Testorush RX is a testosterone booster that can help you to restore and increase your testosterone so your daily life as a man will become so much easier. Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body and lack of it will give you are couple of problems that will lower your status as a man in many different areas.

Keeping your testosterone levels high are vital for men who wants to perform and take their life seriously. This is when it comes to your sexual performance, in your working life as well as health and fitness.

Testorush RX has been carefully designed in a way that will help you to restore and boost your testosterone levels so you will start to regain and feel some of that stamina you had earlier in your life.

The makers of f Testorush are so confident in their product that they are offering you a free trial of Testorush RX so you can feel all the benefits yourself. Remember that you can cancel anytime you want. To learn more click on the link below.

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But please do read on because in the following you are going to learn a lot more about Testorush RX, the ingredients and everything you need to know about this supplement.

Benefits Using Testorush RX

When you get started to use Testosterone all you need to do is to remember to take a capsule each the. This will gradually help you to improve your testosterone levels and you will start to get your male benefits back again. Testorush RX can both b used by younger guys with low levels and older guy who naturally are starting feel signs of aging and low levels of testosterone.

Lets take a closer look at some of the benefits you will get.

  • Successfully increase your testosterone levels
  • Improve your sex life and get your sex drive back
  • Improve your libido and stamina so you will have more energy for your daily duties
  • Avoid bad mood and depression which is often caused by low levels of testosterone
  • A Help to avoid hair loss
  • Easier to build lean muscles and avoid muscle loss
  • Improve your fitness level and endurance
  • Get rid of body fat
  • A better sleep

Why You Need Testorush RX

When you take Testorush RX it will help you in two different ways. First it will help your body to naturally produce more testosterone which you need for a healthy sex life, energetic working life and for your overall health and fitness level.

Not only will you feel benefits when it comes to testosterone levels, ingredients in Testorush RX will function as an aphrodisiac and help you to get better erections that will last longer.

Nitric Oxide Levels

Ingredients in Testorush RX will also raise your nitric oxide levels which means it will be easier for you to maintain lean muscles and get rid of body fat, in case you are starting to get a beer belly.

Higher nitric oxide levels basically means that your muscles will be able to take up more nutrients and oxygen for recovery and to build new muscle tissue. This also means that less nutrients will be stored as body fat.

Testorush RX the Ingredients

When you compare Testorush RX with all the other muscle building supplements out there Testorush RX is probably the one that will give you most ingredients.

All The Ingredients in Testorush RX

This supplement is loaded with ingredients that not only will improve your testosterone levels, but also will give you more energy, increase your body’s growth hormone levels. With Testorush RX you will be able to build bigger muscles and at the same time improve your sex life.

Lets take a closer look at the ingredients:

L-Arginine Base, Alpha Ketoglutarate and Pyroglutarate

There are plenty of L-Arginine products out there  but most of them only provides you with L-Arginine base, because they are cheaper to produce. With Testorush RX you will get a total of three different L-Arginine which completes this amino acid and will give you a much better supplement.

L-Arginine will stimulate your body to release more growth hormones for your muscle building. At the same L-Arginine will also improve your body’s nitric oxide levels so you will be able to push more nutrients out to your muscles. This process is vital for guys who really wants to stand out in the gym.

Huang Qi

Recent studies shows that Huang Qi is able to improve your endurance and overall athletic performance. When you are working out you will simply be able to push yourself harder and longer.

Rou Gui bark

Will help you with keeping your blood sugar levels regular and avoid them to spike. This will make it easier not to build up any unwanted body fat while you are bulking up in mass and size.

Epimedium Extract 10% icariin

Will help you to maintain healthy testosterone levels without any reduction in your levels. Epimedium will also extent higher nitric oxide levels for a longer period of time. This is very beneficial when it comes to your workout and your post-meal.

Shen Jiang Ginger Root

Helps you to improve your protein synthesis in your body. This means your intake of proteins will become more powerful.

Cnidium Monnier

Is a great ingredient to get before your workout. It will give you some extra energy and will boost your nitric oxide levels in conjunction with the L-Arginine, we described earlier. Studies also suggest that you might be able to burn off more body fat during your workout using this supplement.

Ganoderma Lucidum

Will increase your blood circulation so more nutrients will be carried out to your muscles, faster.

Wu Wei Zi

Improves your heart function and blood flow so you will get a better athletic performance and endurance.

Cordycep Sinensis Extract

Will add that “Grrrrrr” to your workout and at the same time improve your sex drive in case it is low.


Is actually an aphrodisiac that will make you hot and wanting to have sex. It will stimulate your penis by increasing your oxygen delivery to your genital area. Long term it will improve your sexual health and give you a better performance.

Maca Root

Is the ingredient to take if you are having problems with erectile dysfunction. If you are fine it will improve your erections and make you harder.

Tongkat Ali

Also called “Asian Viagra” because it gives you some of the same benefits as Viagra, but more naturally. Tongkat Ali is widely used among men in Asian that are having problems with their erection.

Lentinula Edodes –  Shiitake Mushroom

the Shiitake mushroom is widely used in Asia to treat various diseases and infections. It is even used to treat cancer in certain countries but there are no scientific evidence that it is actually working. For you who wants to build learn muscles and improve your sexual health the Shiitake mushroom will help you to get rid of toxins in your body that could cause infections and inflammations.

You need to remember when you are working out in a gym you will be exposed to all sorts of bacteria’s Lentinula Edodes will help you to keep your body strong.

Testorush RX Before and After

Where to Buy Testorush RX?

Because there are some many ingredients in Testorush RX the price tag could easily become way to high. This is why the manufacture have decided only to sell Testorush RX online from the company website.

This way they have managed to cut away the “middle man” expenses and keep the price at a reasonable level when you take into consideration that this supplement comes with so many ingredients.

In order to buy Testorush RX you will need to sign up for a free trial first. You can do that on the link below.

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Testorush RX Side Effects

If you follow the directions regarding how to take this supplement and the right dosage you will not experience any side effects. However because there are so many ingredients in this supplement, there are times you may experience some bloating and constipation in the beginning. This is because your body is receiving ingredients it is not accustomed too.

Normally it will pass after a couple days and you will be fine. You can also lower the dosage in the beginning and it will help as well.

If you are having a surgery or a dealing with any blood pressure issues you should not be taking Testorush RX. It is always a good idea to have a talk with your doctor before you get started with any supplements.

Testorush RX and Nitroxin

If you feel your sex life is a little down it can be a good idea to combine Testorush RX with a supplement like Nitroxin. Where Testorush RX takes care and improve your testosterone levels Nitroxin will improve your blood flow to the corpora cavenosa area of your penis so you will get much better erections and hardness. You will also be able to maintain your erections for a longer period of time, which your sex partner will appreciate.

Other ingredients in Nitroxin will give you more sensitivity in your penis which dramatically will improve your orgasms as well.

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Combining Testorush RX with Brees M-Patch

If you really feel your sex life is going down the drawn and you want a quick fix solution you can combine Testorush RX with Brees M-Patch.

Where Testorush will help your muscle building and sex life improve overtime M-Patch will give you results within a few seconds. All you need to do is to apply on your body and you will be loaded with libido and stamina enhancement supplements that will take your sex life to the next levels.

You can learn a lot more about Brees M-Patch on the link below.

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Our Testorush Review
  • Overall
  • Use and Effectiveness
  • Price



All in one supplement, more testosterone, bigger muscles and better sex life.
- You will not need other supplements when it comes to libido, stamina and muscle building
- Packet with ingredients
- free trial available only pay S & H


- The capsules are quite big and can be hard to swallow
- Testorush RX has not been approved by the FDA
- Some unknown ingredients we do not know a lot about
- Restore testosterone levels may take a couple of weeks so please be patient

User Rating: 3.0 (1 votes)

Testorush Rx Also Available in Canada

Testorush RX is currently also available in Canada. It is being sold the same way as in the United States and Canadians will be able to sign up for a free trial as well.

Testorush RX Free Trial

Right now you can get yourself a free trial of Testorush RX. This means you will receive a bottle of Testorush RX so you can try it out yourself and feel all the benefits. Remember that you can cancel the trial anytime you want to. Just contact Testorush RX. To learn more click on the link below.

>> Click Here to Get Yourself a Free Trial of Testorush RX <<

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